Welcome to the KABAKOFF Y-DNA PROJECT page! When those of us researching the KABAKOFF genealogy hit the inevitable roadblocks in linking up multiple families bearing the KABAKOFF (or related) surname, we turned to genetic genealogy for help.

In April 2008 we established the KABAKOFF Y-DNA PROJECT at Family Tree DNA, the premier DNA test site for Jewish genealogy. The results of our DNA tests indicate that the Kabakoffs whose ancestors came from the shtetlach of Dokshitsy and Igumen near Minsk in present-day Belarus are not genetically related to the Kabakoffs of Cincinnati (whose ancestors came from shtetlach in Chernigov Gubernia in Ukraine) or to the New York Kabakoffs whose ancestors came from Sobolivka, Ukraine. Nor was a genetic connection found between an Australian Kabakoff in our DNA Project and any other participant.

In fact, the four original members of the KABAKOFF Y-DNA PROJECT, who represented the aforementioned Kabakoff clans, were found to represent four different Y-DNA haplogroups: J2, R1b1, R1a1, and N.

If you are researching your Kabakoff ancestor and if your paper trail has hit a brick wall, please consider joining the KABAKOFF Y-DNA PROJECT.

Note that any variation of the name KABAKOFF should be considered relevant to this project, including but not limited to KABAKOW, KABAKOV, KABACOFF, CABAKOFF, and KABAK. We even know of some KABAKOFFs who changed their surname to CABOT and CABIN.

For more information about DNA testing in general, visit www.familytreedna.com. (Be assured that the “test” is quite simple: you collect a tissue sample by scraping the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab). For more information about the KABAKOFF Y-DNA PROJECT (or about the autosomal Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA), contact Cincinnati Kabakoff member Toby Kabakoff Troffkin at tobymzig@gmail.com. In addition, on the FamilyTreeDNA.com website you can type “Kabakoff” into the search box, hit “Submit,” and then click on the Kabakoff project link. On the next page that appears, you can learn more about our project and even order a DNA test kit.

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